Sunday, June 24, 2018

Unicorn Isle

Unicorn Isle (1986) [Lee Marrs, Richard Pini, Nicholas Koenig]  

Five issues were produced of a planned twelve. Released by Warp and later co-published by Apple Comics.  This series shows both the strength and weaknesses of independent comics of the time.  It has a great deal of visual appeal and charm, but lacks depth in both plot and theme.  And having the heroes be two blond children and the villains a woman with dark skin and a man with Asian features is questionable at best.

The unicorns are referred to as the "older" and "younger flying ones" and function as emissaries of the world's deity called simply the Goddess.  Any impetus the plot might have built up was lost when the villainous plot was completely explained by the end of the second issue.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tech Company "Unicorns"

Photo credit: Electronic_Frontier_Foundation / Foter / CC BY
In the world of Technology companies the term "unicorn" was coined around 2013 and popularized in 2015. It is now a very common term to see in tech news headlines.

A "unicorn" tech company is one that was recently launched (a "start up") and is valued at over a billion dollars.  Companies with these features are said to be "in the unicorn club".

The proliferation of companies that fit these criteria is seen by some commentators as suggesting that the "tech bubble" will soon burst, leading to a precipitous loss of value in companies across the tech sector.

Adi Tatarko (of Houzz) has suggested that unicorn companies should not be defined by their theoretical  monetary value but by whether their influence on their industry is transformative.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blain=Unicorn? (trope)

"Unicorn" is being used to mean an unobtainably perfect boyfriend in discussion of the TV show Glee. "Andy" (from Cambridge, MA) started the trope by writing "I'm going to throw it out there: HE'S A UNICORN! Maybe I've been screwed over too many times in love to believe in good guys, but Blaine has qualities I don't see in gay guys."

This was picked up in LGBT Weekly where they asked: "Is Kurt’s romantic, sensitive boyfriend Blaine a figment of pure, unattainable fantasy?"

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